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We offer valuable educator resources for every Focus Readers series. On each page you’ll find downloadable lesson plans, curriculum correlations, and resource links.

Reading Level: Grades K-1
Internest Level: Grades K-1

Activities We Do
Animal Babies
Big Machines
Fall Is Here
Get Motoring!
People at Work
Spring Is Here
Where I Live

Reading Level: Grades 1-2
Internest Level: Grades 1-3

American Government
Community Helpers
Essential Jobs
Exploring Money
Life Cycles
Life Skills
My Senses
Neighborhood Safari
Saving Our Planet
Spreading Kindness
Using Simple Machines

Reading Level: Grades 2-3
Internest Level: Grades 3-5

21st Century Disasters
All Families
Amazing Inventions
Animal Engineers
Animal Migrations
Animals of Africa
Animals of North America
Fairy Tale Creatures
Fairy Tale Science
Get Outside
Hands-On STEM
Helping the Environment
How It’s Done
How to Write
Important Women
Influential Presidents
Let’s Fly
Let’s Roll
Momentous Materials
Mythical Creatures
Rescues in Focus
Shall We Dance?
Sports Build Character
Sports Records
Superhero Superstars
That’s My Dog
Travel America’s Landmarks
Visit and Learn
Weird Animal Diets
What Did We Do?

Reading Level: Grades 3-5
Internest Level: Grades 4-7

Biggest Names in Music
Biggest Names in Sports Set 1
Biggest Names in Sports Set 2
Biggest Names in Sports Set 3
Biggest Names in Sports Set 4
Biggest Names in Sports Set 5
Biggest Names in Sports Set 6
Biggest Names in Sports Set 7
Black Voices on Race
Civilizations of the World
Cutting-Edge Technology
Cutting-Edge Technology Set 2
Detecting Disasters
Energy for the Future
Engineering Challenges
Engineering for Disaster
Engineering the Human Body
Expansion of Our Nation
Fighting Climate Change With Science
Finding Dinosaurs
Foundations of Our Nation
Great Careers
How It Works
Invasive Species
Major Battles in US History
Medical Detecting
Natural Phenomena
Natural Wonders of the World
Postwar America
Saving Animals
Saving Earth’s Biomes
She’s Got Game
Structural Wonders
Technology Inspired by Nature
The Animal Files
The Climate Crisis in America
The Outdoors
WNBA Superstars

Reading Level: Grades 5-6
Internest Level: Grades 5-9

Artificial Intelligence
Children in History
Destination Space
Focus on Current Events
Focus on Current Events Set 2
Focus on Media Bias
Groundbreaking Women in Politics
Pros and Cons
Reusable Rockets
Science for the Future
Sports in the News
Sports Nation
Taking a Stand
The Civil War
World Leaders
World Leaders Set 2
World Studies
World War II

North Star Editions grants permission for educators and students to read aloud our books in their entirety for educational purposes within classrooms and in distance learning videos, both live and pre-recorded. Please contact us to gain permission to use our titles in other public settings.

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