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Helping the World Around Us

With climate change being felt more than ever this year, people are increasingly looking for
ways to help their planet Earth. Thankfully, there are many actions that people of all ages can
take today. In Helping the Environment, young readers can learn about how to protect the world.
This six-book series covers a variety of important areas for action, including helping pollinators
thrive, reducing water and product use, as well as Earth-friendly ways to eat, get around, and
make energy.

Each book in this series explores how humans have impacted the environment, the range of
solutions people are working on, and specific ideas for young readers to play their part. Clear,
accessible language conveys scientific concepts in ways that are easy to comprehend. A “That’s
Amazing!” special feature discusses a real-life example of how young people made a difference.
“Did You Know?” fun facts provide supplemental knowledge throughout the chapters. In
addition, free lesson plans are available for educators to further ground their students in the ideas
of the series.

In ways large and small, Helping the Environment invites readers to think about the power they
have to help the planet, both in their own individual choices and in working with others as part of
a group.

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