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Learning About Life

All living things grow and mature. Young learners might see this process in their pets, backyard gardens, and new siblings. But the process looks different for each species. In Life Cycles, readers examine the life cycles of eight major categories of living things—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates, flowering plants, and non-flowering plants—through the lens of representative species.

From the live birth of baby rabbits to the hatching of young chickens, turtles, and salmon, each book starts with an organism in its earliest stage of development. From there, each book explores the changes the organism goes through to become an adult, introducing key concepts—such as the metamorphoses of butterflies and frogs—along the way. A “That’s Amazing!” special feature highlights particularly notable parts of the organism’s life cycle, while quiz questions and an infographic reinforce key takeaways from each book. Educators can also access free lesson plans to help strengthen students’ understanding of the material.

Ideal for students in grades 1–3, and aligned with the National Science Education Standards’ Content Standard C, the Life Cycles series provides a clear introduction to the variety of life cycles on Earth.

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