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How Computers Are Getting Smarter

We live in a smart world. From smart speakers, to smartphones, to smart TVs, artificial intelligence is all around us. But are computers smarter than people? A 2020 Junior Library Guild Selection, Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence gives readers an introduction to this amazing technology and its use in competitions.

Part of the Focus Readers series Artificial Intelligence, Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence looks at the long history of teaching computers to play games. Chess, Go, and even Jeopardy have trillions of possibilities. If a computer beats a human at a game, does that mean robots will take over the world?

Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence features critical thinking questions throughout the text. Readers have the opportunity to draw conclusions based on the evidence presented in each chapter. With short, easy-to-follow chapters, readers can expect to gain a clear understanding of how scientists continued to improve AI over time. For those looking to go even deeper, a complementary lesson plan provided by Focus Readers editors guides students in thinking about the topic further in a five-paragraph essay.

In our ever-changing smart world, Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence gives readers a better understanding about devices they use every day.

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