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A Woman to Watch

Martha Lundin, Focus Readers Author

Tis the season for elections… And senator Kamala Harris was just announced as a nominee for vice president! With a global pandemic and racial unrest in the US, understanding how political leaders play a role in in our cities and nation is more important than ever. As a biracial woman, Harris knows what it feels like to be judged by the color of her skin. She worked extensively with people in low-income neighborhoods and knows firsthand how economic unrest affects those households more severely. A 2020 Junior Library Guild selection, Kamala Harris examines how her childhood and early career helped shape her political career.  

Part of the Groundbreaking Women in Politics series, Kamala Harris gives an accessible overview of her life and career. Two special features take a closer look at issues Harris cares deeply about. And “Think About It” questions throughout the text challenge readers to think critically about how events shaped her life and actions. 

Visit our website for free online resources, including a quiz  and a lesson plan to help students apply what they learned. As the 2020 November elections come closer, Kamala Harris invites readers and educators alike to gain a better understanding of women in politics.

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