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Skycircus Book Trailer

Fans of The Cogheart Adventures, your wait is over… The next installment is almost here! And if you haven’t had the pleasure of joining our adventure yet, check out the trailer and catch up on books one and two before Skycircus‘s February 11th release!

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About Skycircus

Old secrets can weigh heavy when you want to fly.

Invited to a spectacular show by Slimwood’s Stupendous Traveling Skycircus, Lily, Robert, and mechanical fox Malkin can’t wait to jump aboard.

But behind the daredevil acts of the bewitching bird-girl and other performers, something sinister lurks. And soon, the watchful ringmistress, Madame Lyon-Mane, reveals a deadly plan for Lily. Could the secrets of Lily’s past hold their only chance at escape from this terrible trap?

Also by Peter Bunzl

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