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Four New Titles in Humorous Middle Grade Mystery Series


SAINT PAUL, MN, October 28, 2019 – Jolly Fish Press, an imprint of North Star Editions, Inc. (NSE) is excited to announce the January 1, 2020 release of four new books in What Happened?, a hilarious mystery series for middle grade readers ages eight to 12. In Showtime Sabotage, the lead title in this new set, Green Valley Middle School’s theater students just want to make it through the opening night of Pirates and Lost Boys. But only four hours before showtime, the lights go out and disaster strikes. Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives. See what the witnesses get right . . . and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you’ll never guess what really happened!

About Showtime Sabotage, (ISBN: 978-1-63163-416-1)
Lead Title – Final copy provided for review.

Green Valley Middle School’s theater students knew their production of Pirates and Lost Boys was cursed. After months of snow days, the flu, and flaring rivalries, they have finally made it to opening day. But when the lights go out and props and costumes get wrecked mere hours before showtime, the cast and crew suspect something even worse: sabotage.

But who would do such a thing? Was it a self-absorbed pirate worried about being upstaged by the incredible set? Or a brand-new actor fearful of being outperformed? Or maybe it was rival students annoyed at having their talent show moved to the gym. Unless . . . the play couldn’t actually be cursed, could it?

All four books in the series are 120 pages, 5” x 7.5” paperback trade originals, priced at $7.99. Additional formats available include reinforced library binding (list: $27.13, school/library: $18.99), multi-user hosted e-book ($23.99), and single-user e-book ($7.99).

Three additional titles will be released simultaneously on January 1, 2020. Digital review copies for these titles available upon request.

Additional Titles
Fitness Fiasco (ISBN:
The Fall Family Fitness Festival promises to be the highlight of Justice Payne Middle School’s year—as long as the sixth graders can overcome their nerves long enough to present their physical activities to the public. But one hour before the festival’s start, students arrive at the gym to a disaster: Hailey’s yoga station and Dawson’s karate station have been trashed.

Who would have ruined these stations? Was it a rival karate kid? Or maybe it was Dawson himself, hoping to prevent a recap of his previous disastrous brick-breaking attempt? Was it the new girl trying to take Hailey’s spot in her friend group? Or was it a concerned father, hoping to get his daughter out of the project?

Switchback Switcheroo (ISBN: 978-1-63163-420-8)
Chart-topping singing sensation Switchback has returned to his hometown of Switchington Falls to open its new music venue. The opening ceremony centers on the unveiling of a life-size statue of Switchback himself. But when the pop star pulls back the covering to reveal the statue to his adoring fans, they discover his glorious face has been replaced by . . . a coat rack?

Who would pull off such an insane switcheroo? Was it a gang of local art thieves? Or a band of superfans determined to keep Switchback to themselves? Perhaps a rival pop star pulled this prank. It couldn’t be a gang of zombies mistaking ceramic brains for real ones, right?

Trojan Horse Trouble (ISBN: 978-1-63163-424-6)
Today is the grandest of all sixth-grade days at Marcy G. Middleton Middle School: the Great Ancient Greece Extravaganza. So far, it’s a herculean success, with kids wrapped in bedsheets performing onstage, a backdrop of Mount Olympus standing tall, and a giant cardboard Trojan horse ready to roll. But when the mighty stallion makes its debut onstage, Spartans are left speechless by the Great Trojan . . . Chicken?

How, exactly, was the horse transformed? Did a competitive set designer or rival baseball team vandalize it? Perhaps the high school theater teacher introduced this challenge to test the students’ acting skills. Or maybe this is all just a bad dream . .

About the Illustrator
Courtney Huddleston lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, two daughters, and two cats named Lilo and Stitch. When he’s not in his home studio working, he can usually be found playing video games, drooling over the work of other artists, going on long walks, or playing pranks on the family. While he gets inspiration from everything around him, his favorite way to get inspired is through travel. Courtney has been to most of the states in the United States, and he has visited more than a dozen other countries. He is currently searching for less-expensive inspirations.

About Jolly Fish Press and North Star Editions
Jolly Fish Press, an imprint of North Star Editions, is dedicated to promoting exceptional, unique new voices in fiction. North Star Editions, Inc. publishes fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages that inspires, informs, and entertains. For more information, visit

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