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Take a Trip with Travel America’s Landmarks

Meg Gaertner, Focus Readers Editor

The school year is well under way, summer vacation is a distant memory, and the holidays can never come fast enough. For those yearning for travel, an informative and engaging series like Travel America’s Landmarks can help ease that wanderlust.

With this series, students can travel the United States from the comfort of their desks, explore key American landmarks, and develop language arts skills in the process. Each book delves into the history of an important landmark, its role and significance, and what the visitor experience is like. A lesson plan found on each book’s web page ties the book to Common Core language arts standards.

For example, in Exploring Hoover Dam, readers learn about the engineering of the dam, the impact the dam has on US electricity production, and the uses of the Lake Mead reservoir. The accompanying lesson plan helps students better understand the text’s structure by guiding them through outlining and writing a summary paragraph of the book.

With appealing descriptions and informative infographics, the Travel America’s Landmarks series is an excellent resource for teachers looking to excite their students.

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