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Moonlocket Book Trailer

The first release in our fall season is almost here! While you wait, check out this delightful trailer for Moonlocket, the second book in The Cogheart Adventures.


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About Moonlocket
When infamous escapologist Jack Door breaks out from prison, he sets out for the town of Brackenbridge, determined to find his missing treasure—the Moonlocket. But when Lily and Robert unwittingly find themselves caught up in Jack Door’s search, they discover that Robert’s history holds the secret to the Moonlocket’s whereabouts.

Praise for Moonlocket
“Lots of thrilling dashing about, fleeing from blackguards, and enjoyable wordplay. A ‘tockingly’ good steampunk mystery.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Drawing on wondrous details and strongly motivated characters, Moonlocket is a caper with heart.” –Foreword Reviews

Also by Peter Bunzl

Thirteen-year-old Lily Hartman always dreamed of adventure. A strong-willed girl, Lily felt trapped in a life of Victorian stuffiness at her prim boarding school. But after her father-a famous inventor-disappears on a routine zeppelin flight, Lily’s life gets turned upside down.

Now cared for by her guardian, the heartless Madame Verdigris, Lily is quite certain that she’s being watched. Mysterious, silver-eyed men are lurking in the shadows, just waiting for their chance to strike. But what could they possibly want from her?

There are rumors, Lily learns, that her father had invented the most valuable invention ever made-a perpetual motion machine. But if he made such a miraculous discovery, he certainly never told Lily. And all he left behind is a small box-with no key, no hinges.

With the help of a clockmaker’s son, Robert, and her mechanimal fox, Malkin, Lily escapes London in search of the one person who might know something about her father’s disappearance-and what he left behind.


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