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The Songbird and the Rambutan Tree


After sabotaging her only chance to evacuate before the Japanese army invades Batavia in 1942, eleven-year-old Emmy is confined in the Tjideng prisoner-of-war camp, where she must overcome a tragedy from her past to find her voice and truly be free. Preview this book.


Batavia, Dutch East Indies, 1942.

Emmy has the voice of an angel but hasn’t sung a note since a family tragedy. With war looming, her father plans to ship her off to a singing school in England for safety. But all Emmy wants to do is stay in Batavia with her best friend, Bakti, even if it means putting up with her snooty classmate, Violet. Then the Japanese army invades—and as war erupts in the Dutch East Indies, Emmy’s world falls apart.

When her own actions sabotage her chance to evacuate the island, Emmy is captured and confined in the Tjideng prisoner-of-war camp with other women and children. Separated from her family and friends, and silenced by her grief, Emmy will need all her strength to survive the war, find her voice, and reclaim her freedom.

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