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The Fantastical Exploits of Gwendolyn Gray: Book 2


When Gwendolyn Gray discovers her power to make her imaginings become real, she’s whisked through new worlds, making friends and enemies along the way. But Gwendolyn must master her power in order to defeat the dark forces threatening the boring, grey City she comes from and the colorful new worlds she loves.


Heroes never return from adventure unchanged, and Gwendolyn Gray knows this better than anyone. She faces a new darkness within herself—with no help or comfort from her friends Sparrow and Starling. On top of that, the City is only getting worse. When the Faceless Gentlemen return to menace her again, Gwendolyn escapes to the lands of the Fae. But even the dreamlike Faeoria holds dangers that even she could never have imagined. Gwendolyn must learn to master her magic and manage her internal struggles if she ever hopes to defeat the villainous forces that control the City, find Sparrow and Starling, and save the people she loves.

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