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Welcome, Spring!

Brienna Rossiter, Focus Readers Editor

It might not quite feel like it here in Minnesota, but spring has officially begun. And with Earth Day coming up on April 22, this time of year is perfect for introducing students to the science behind weather, climate, and taking good care of our planet.

The web page for our Get Outside in Spring book includes links to three online resources that help students discover how these three topics are related.

First, students can watch a video on NASA’s Climate Kids website to learn about the difference between weather and climate.

Then, they can read about what causes seasons and what kind of weather they bring. This kid-friendly website from the University of Illinois helps readers explore how scientists measure things such as temperature and air pressure to study climate and weather. It also explains what they’re learning from the information they collect.

Finally, students can find great tips from National Geographic Kids for ways they can reduce waste and help protect our planet. That website also includes a list of activities that encourage kids to get out and enjoy the world around them.

After, check out our Get Outside in Spring teacher resources for a free lesson plan, before heading outside to soak up spring!

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