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Animal Engineers: A New Take on Halloween

Brienna Rossiter, Focus Readers editor

It’s almost October, which means Halloween is on its way. Soon, libraries and classrooms will be draped in cobwebs and other spooky décor. But spiderwebs are great for more than decorating—their structure is specially designed to help spiders catch prey. Our Spiderwebs book in the Animal Engineers series highlights the different shapes a spiderweb can take and the process spiders use to build them.

Check out the Spiderwebs page for links to videos, articles, and interactive websites designed to help kids learn even more about these amazing arachnids. Also check out our free lesson plan, which encourages students to become “web detectives” to analyze different types of spiderwebs.

In fact, the pages for all books at our Beacon level include links to kid-friendly websites we’ve collected so you have online resources about each book’s topic right at your fingertips. 

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