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Environmentally themed books offer Earth Day inspiration

A sign of spring like none other, Earth Day – which is Sunday, April 22 – is a time to celebrate clean air, land, and water. Whether you plant a tree, have a picnic in the great outdoors, or just take a deep breath of clean air, we have the books to get you inspired!

The Girl and the Grove

This unique Flux title by Eric Smith features Leila, a teenager who keeps herself busy with her passion for environmental advocacy, monitoring the Urban Ecovists message board and joining a local environmental club with her best friend. She’s bounced around the foster care system and lives with seasonal affective disorder … and now something calls out to her from the grove at Fairmount Park. Is she ready to answer?

Kirkus Reviews says, “Smith’s novel covers the important topics of adoption, identity, and environmental awareness, while also touching on teenage relationships and inserting beautiful images of nature into the text.”  This forthcoming title isn’t available until May 8, but preorder your copy on Earth Day!

Amazon Rainforest

This title is a beautiful pick from the Focus Readers Natural Wonders of the World series, geared toward upper-elementary readers. Students can explore the past, present, and future of the Amazon Rainforest through photos, fact-filled text, and engaging infographics.

Natural Wonders of the World explores some of Earth’s most spectacular places. Each book explores the geographic history of a wonder, the plants and animals that live there, plus the threats facing the wonder and conservation efforts to save it. Check out all eight titles.


‘Tis the season for fishing! … or almost, anyway. Fly-Fishing from The Outdoors series gives upper-elementary students an overview of the equipment, skills, and techniques needed for fly-fishing. A focus on safety and conservation helps prepare readers to protect and explore the great outdoors. Check out all eight titles.

Science Squad

Welcome to the Science Squad, a citizen science organization for curious kids who love nature and science! In this new middle grade series, readers follow along as Squad members journal their efforts to make a difference in the world around them.

Available now:

Hatchling Hero: A Sea Turtle Defender’s Journal

Clarita Rosita Santiago Romero hasn’t made many friends since moving to North Carolina last year. But that changes when she joins her local Science Squad and simultaneously gets sucked into a quest to defend a sea turtle and her eggs from poachers. But how much impact can a group of kids have on one sea turtle’s life?

Runway ZomBee: A Zombie Bee Hunter’s Journal

It’s summer vacation, but Raksha isn’t relaxed. She’s so busy hunting zombie bees for Science Squad that she hardly has time to prepare for her fashion camp runway show. Can Raksha pull it all together and prove that she can be both a fashion queen and a science geek?

Coming September 1, 2018:

Monarch Mystery: A Butterfly Researcher’s Journal

Ever since Bertie moved to Texas, everything is going wrong. The Science Squad kids avoid him, their monarch butterfly project proves surprisingly hard, and something strange is happening with the few specimens they do find. Can Bertie solve the mystery and collect and tag enough butterflies before they migrate south?

Pigeon Problems: An Urban Bird Researcher’s Journal

The only thing Anthony likes less than pigeons is TJ, and now he’s stuck dealing with both after joining the Science Squad. But there’s an overnight at the museum on the line. Can Anthony persevere to win the prize?


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