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Surrender Your Sons Trailer!

The book you’ve been waiting for is almost here, but for now… Check out the trailer for SURRENDER YOUR SONS! And be sure to stick around for a pre-order and to enter the pre-order campaign for goodies. Buckle up. This one goes live September 15!

About Surrender Your Sons

Connor Major’s summer break is turning into a nightmare. His SAT scores bombed, the old man he delivers meals to died, and when he came out to his religious zealot mother, she had him kidnapped and shipped off to a secluded island. His final destination: Nightlight Ministries, a conversion therapy camp that will be his new home until he “changes.”

But Connor’s troubles are only beginning. At Nightlight, everyone has something to hide—from the campers to the “converted” staff and cagey camp director—and it quickly becomes clear that no one is safe. Connor plans to escape and bring the other kidnapped teens with him.

But first, he’s exposing the camp’s horrible truths for what they are—and taking this place down.

Pre-order Now

Take a screenshot of your receipt and then, head to Adam’s website to enter the pre-order campaign!

U.S. and International Entrants Will Receive:

A 4×6 postcard featuring a character adventure poster by illustrator Damian Alexander, and on the reverse side, a list of 10 clues to guide you as you unravel the dark mysteries within Nightlight

A digital collection of the entire prequel novella, THE SEARCH FOR DREW SCHREIBER

A custom bookplate, personally autographed by the author

Ten U.S. and International Winners Drawn on September 17, 2020 Will Also Get:

-A bamboo recorder pendant, identical to the one worn by Connor Major in SURRENDER YOUR SONS

More details on the campaign page!

Enter Pre-order Campaign

Advanced Praise for Surrender Your Sons

“Hard to read story, hard-to-stop-reading writing.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Layered and gripping, Surrender Your Sons is at once a haunting thriller, a celebration of queer resilience, and a profound look at the strength required to love oneself and break the cycle of trauma.”—Caleb Roehrig, author of Last Seen Leaving and The Fell of Dark

“A classic adventure novel about the heart of darkness in a homophobic world.”—L.C. Rosen, author of Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) and Camp

“In his immensely satisfying debut, Adam Sass gives his hero Connor and a motley crew of fantastic supporting characters the agency that all teens deserve, along with plenty of space for excitement and heroism in this epic battle for dignity and identity.”—Tom Ryan, author of Keep This to Yourself

“Teeming with richly developed characters and heart-stopping surprises, Adam Sass’s debut grabs you from page one and doesn’t let go. You won’t be able to put it down.” —Zack Smedley, author of Deposing Nathan

Surrender Your Sons is a rush of adrenaline, something that manages to feel both wild and strangely true at the same time.”—Jessica Cluess, author of House of Dragons and the Kingdom on Fire trilogy

About the Author

Adam Sass began writing books in Sharpie on the backs of Starbucks pastry bags. (He’s sorry it distracted him from making your latte.) Though he was raised in an Illinois farm town, his desire for a creative career took him to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and currently, North Carolina, where he lives with his husband and dachshunds. When he’s not dropping hot takes on Twitter, Adam is a recurring co-host on the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast Slayerfest98. Surrender Your Sons is his first novel.

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