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Soundtrack: The Vinyl Underground

That’s right, Fluxians, only SIX more weeks until The Vinyl Underground is here! And author Rob Rufus made an awesome playlist to get you in the mood of the book! Click the link for all the tracks on The Vinyl Underground Soundtrack, then don’t forget to preorder your copy!

The Vinyl Underground

by Rob Rufus | Release date: March 10, 2020

During 1968, four teens are drawn together: Ronnie Bingham, who is grieving his brother’s death in Vietnam; Milo, Ronnie’s bookish best friend; “Ramrod,” a star athlete who is secretly avoiding the draft; and Hana, the new girl, a half-Japanese badass rock-n-roller whose presence doesn’t sit well with their segregated high school. The four outcasts find sanctuary in “The Vinyl Underground,” a record club where they spin music, joke, debate, and escape the stifling norms of their small southern town. But Ronnie’s eighteenth birthday is looming. Together, they hatch a plan to keep Ronnie from being drafted. But when a horrific act of racially-charged violence rocks the gang to their core, they decide it’s time for an epic act of rebellion.

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