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Exclusive New Abyss Story from Emily Skrutskie!

Exciting news, Fluxians! Emily Skrutskie has recently released a new book, Hullmetal Girls (available now from Delacorte Press). To celebrate, we’ve got a special offer!* Get 35% off either or both of The Abyss Surrounds Us and Edge of the Abyss using the code ABYSS18. Plus, when you use this code, you will also receive a BRAND NEW story from the Abyss world for free. Want to know more? Here’s the synopsis…

When thirteen-year-old Swift Kent’s stepmother abandons her family for adventure on the high seas, Swift makes it her mission bring her back to save her family from starvation. But Swift learns there may be another way to help her family, one that takes her far away from everything she’s ever known.

Don’t wait to pick up this special offer! And congratulations to Emily Skrutskie!

About Emily Skrutskie
Emily Skrutskie is six feet tall. She was born in Massachusetts, raised in Virginia, and forged in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. She holds a BA in Performing and Media Arts from Cornell University, where she studied an outrageous and demanding combination of film, computer science, and game design. She lives and writes in Los Angeles. She can be found online at @skrutskie on Twitter, or on her website,

The Abyss Surrounds Us
For Cassandra Leung, bossing around sea monsters is just the family business. She’s been a Reckoner trainer-in-training ever since she could walk, raising the giant, genetically engineered beasts to defend ships as they cross the pirate-infested NeoPacific. But when the pirate queen Santa Elena swoops in on Cas’s first solo mission and snatches her from the bloodstained decks, Cas’s dream of being a full-time trainer seems dead in the water. Waiting for her on the pirate ship is an unhatched Reckoner pup. Santa Elena wants to take back the seas with a monster of her own, and she needs a proper trainer to do it. She orders Cas to raise the pup and teach him to fight for the pirates. If Cas fails, her blood will be the next to paint the sea.

Edge of the Abyss
Three weeks have passed since Cassandra Leung pledged her allegiance to ruthless pirate-queen Santa Elena and set free Bao, the sea monster Reckoner she’d been forced to train. The days as a pirate trainee are long and grueling, but it’s not the physical pain that Cas dreads most. It’s being forced to work with Swift, the pirate girl who broke her heart. But Cas has even bigger problems when she discovers Boa is not the only a monster swimming free. Other Reckoners illegally sold to pirates have escaped their captors and are taking the NeoPacific by storm, attacking ships at random and ruining the ocean ecosystem. As a Reckoner trainer, Cas might be the only one who can stop them. But how can she take up arms against the creatures she used to care for and protect? Will Cas embrace the murky morals that life as a pirate brings or perish in the dark waters of the NeoPacific?

*Offer applies only to direct orders of paperback versions of the books. Place an order by using the coupon code ABYSS18 on or, or by placing an order by phone to 888-417-0195 and mentioning the coupon code. Offer available from August 1 through August 15, 2018. Free short story ebook PDF file will be delivered via email after the order is confirmed. It will be sent to the email address listed in the order details. Offer allows only one download per order. Sharing the short story ebook file with others is prohibited. This promotional offer is a final sale. Books may not be returned or exchanged.

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