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Thirty Sunsets


For Forrest Shepherd, getting away to the family’s beach house is the best part of the summer. But this year, Forrest’s relaxing vacation falls into turmoil as painful family secrets are revealed. She finds solace in Scott, a guy she meets on the beach, and starts ignoring her friends’ warnings that Scott is a player … or worse.

Format: Ebook
ISBN: 9780738741055
Publisher: Flux
Tags:  Reading Level: Grades 9-12, Interest Level: Grades 9-12, Family, Mental Disorders

Forrest Shepherd is convinced she’s right. About what’s best for her brother and his horrible girlfriend, Olivia. About her mother’s need for control. Most of all, she thinks she’s right about Scott, the first cute guy to hit on her. But on the Shepherds’ annual summer vacation, Forrest discovers that her safe world of family and friends is riddled with deception. Her brother, her mother, Olivia, Scott . . . she really doesn’t know them at all, and Forrest is left wondering what it means for the most important relationships in her life to be built on lies. Thirty Sunsets is a story of secrets and personal traumas that shake a family to its core . . . and the healing that arises when hard truths emerge.

Copyright: 2014
Page Count: 240
Rights Territory: Worldwide
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Family / Siblings
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / Eating Disorders & Body Image

Christine Hurley Deriso (North Augusta, SC) is an award-winning author of three middle grade novels. She has also contributed to Ladies’ Home Journal, Parents, and other national magazines. Visit her online at

Reviews and Awards

“Deriso has a knack for families, filling them with flawed people who maintain their bonds with love.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A feel-good romance…that packs a big wallop.” — School Library Journal

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