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The Blending Time


Turning seventeen in the year 2054 means it’s time for Global Alliance work, ranging from backbreaking drudgery to deadly canal labor. Three “s’teeners” chosen to be blenders—whose task is to help repopulate Africa—believe they’re lucky. But they soon learn otherwise.

Format: Ebook
ISBN: 9780738727486
Series: Blending Time, Flux
Tags:  Reading Level: Grades 9-12, Interest Level: Grades 9-12, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Dystopian, Action & Adventure

In the year 2069, turning seventeen means mandatory Global Alliance work assignments that range from backbreaking drudgery to deadly canal labor. Trying to survive in a world that’s been ravaged by plagues and environmental disasters, three “s’teeners” from the harshest backgrounds think they’ve gotten lucky. Jaym, Reya, and D’Shay are chosen to be among thousands of blenders, whose task is to help repopulate and rebuild Africa after a devastating solar flare. But the continent itself—roiling with civil war and mercenaries intent on crushing the blending program at any cost—poses the gravest danger. Separated, the three friends struggle to escape the violence and chaos, and somehow reunite. But will following rumors of a mountain hideout lead them to sanctuary, or cost them their lives?

Copyright: 2010
Page Count: 264
ATOS: 4.1
Lexile: 600L
Rights Territory: Worldwide
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

Michael Kinch spent his youth in Las Vegas, Hollywood, San Francisco and Portland before enlisting in the Army where he was stationed in Germany intercepting Russian intelligence. A former librarian at Oregon State University, Kinch traveled widely in Africa leading workshops on the library sciences. His Blending Time novels arose from the vivid memories and friendships gained during that time. He lives near Salem, Oregon, with his family.

Reviews and Awards

“Full of action, this is a compelling, realistic, and exciting thriller for more mature young readers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Determinedly multi-ethnic, fast-paced, and with plentiful gore and violence, the book will draw reluctant readers who enjoy action and adventure.” — Booklist

“Entertaining, credible, scary, and memorable.” — VOYA

“Shocking and unrelenting—Kinch delivers a blistering, no-holds-barred tale of a dystopian future that feels all too real.” — Arthur Slade, Governor General Award-winning author of The Hunchback Assignments

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