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Exit Strategy


Zach Ramsey is getting out of his hometown, where broken marriages, alcohol abuse, and pink slips from the truck assembly plant are common. But first, he’s going to enjoy his summer before senior year. It’s a blast until Zach uncovers dark secrets about the people he cares about—like his best friend Tank, whose ’roid rages betray a shocking habit.

Format: Ebook
ISBN: 9780738723327
Publisher: Flux
Tags:  Reading Level: Grades 9-12, Interest Level: Grades 9-12, Romance

Looming above Zach Ramsey’s hometown of Blaine are the smokestacks of the truck assembly plant, the greasy lifeblood of this Detroit suburb. Surrounded by drunks, broken marriages, and factory rats living in fear of the pink slip, Zach is getting the hell out of town after graduation. But first, he’s going to enjoy the summer before senior year. Getting smashed with his best friend Tank and falling in love for the first time, Zach’s having a blast until he uncovers dark secrets that shake his faith in everyone–including Tank, a wrestler whose violent mood swings betray a shocking habit. As he gets pulled deeper into an ugly scandal, Zach is faced with the toughest decision of his life–one that will prove just what kind of adult he’s destined to be.

Copyright: 2010
Page Count: 312
ATOS: 4.7
Lexile: 790L
Rights Territory: Worldwide
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / New Experience
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

Reviews and Awards

Fast-paced and riveting. — Kirkus Reviews

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