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After Midnight


After the death of their parents, Catlyn Youngblood and her brothers settle in a sleepy backwoods Florida town. One night, Cat meets—and instantly falls for—an enigmatic and handsome boy. But their love is forbidden: he belongs to a centuries-old vampire clan and Cat’s family is descended from a world-famous vampire hunter.

Format: Ebook
ISBN: 9780738727929
Series: The Youngbloods, Flux
Tags:  Reading Level: Grades 9-12, Interest Level: Grades 9-12, Horror, Paranormal & Supernatural, Romance

Ever since the death of their parents, Catlyn Youngblood and her two older brothers have shared a nomadic existence, always moving from place to place. When they at last settle for good in the sleepy backwoods town of Lost Lake, Florida, Cat thinks she might finally have a normal life. While riding her horse late one night, Cat meets an enigmatic boy named Jesse Raven. Even more strange than her overpowering attraction to him is Jesse’s apparent aversion to daylight. Only under the cover of darkness can they meet. As Cat and Jesse’s bond grows stronger, Cat discovers an incredible secret about the Ravens’ and her own family’s pasts—a secret that could destroy their love. Their families, knowing the truth, conspire to keep them apart. But Cat and Jesse will risk everything to be together . . . including death.

Copyright: 2011
Page Count: 360
Lexile: 570L
Rights Territory: Worldwide
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Lynn Viehl is the author of the New York Times bestselling Darkyn series and the Youngbloods series. She has published over forty novels in five genres with major houses including Penguin and Simon & Schuster. Viehl lives outside of Orlando, Florida, and is the host of Paperback Writer, a popular publishing industry blog.

Reviews and Awards

“The youngest Twilight fans with a taste for chaste romance will devour this.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Twilight crossed with Romeo and Juliet, this YA debut for Viehl has a lot of appeal and some genuinely surprising twists.” — Realms of Fantasy magazine

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