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A Mighty Wall


A lifelong climber, Jordan loves scaling the sun-baked crags outside his Oregon hometown. With a trouble-free route through high school and a girlfriend who loves the crags, too, Jordan’s got a crimp hold on happiness. But for the climber, there are only two absolutes in life—gravity and death—and Jordan can’t protect his loved ones from either.

Format: Ebook
ISBN: 978-073872-194-1
Publisher: Flux
Tags: Reading Level: Grades 9-12, Interest Level: Grades 9-12, Sports & Recreation, Young Adult Fiction

A lifelong climber, seventeen-year-old Jordan spends as much time as he can scaling the crags outside his Washington hometown. His friend A.J., a fellow climber and popular super-jock, keeps the gorilla football players off Jordan’s back, and his girlfriend Juana likes the crags as much as he does. All in all, Jordan’s got a crimp hold on happiness. But even the tightest grip is useless if a piece of the rock breaks away. For the climber, there are only two absolutes in life: gravity and death. Unfortunately, Jordan can’t protect his friends from either. Praise for John Foley “Convincing and exciting-Hoops of Steel is terrific and deserves a wide audience.”-Carl Deuker, author of Night Hoops “[Running With the Wind is] a powerful and honest approach to coping with life’s difficulties.”-School Library Journal “Fast-paced and easy to read. . . an engaging and reassuring story about friendship, love and loss, and truly living in the present moment.” — Bill Sherwonit, author of To the Top of Denali and Living with Wildness: An Alaskan Odyssey A Long Way Down

Copyright: 2009
Page Count: 240
ATOS: 5.3
Lexile: 570L
Rights Territory: Worldwide
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Sports & Recreation / Camping & Outdoor Activities
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

John Foley is a high school teacher in Washington State. He previously worked as a newspaper reporter in the Chicago suburbs and Alaska, covering sports, cops, features and any other beat that didn’t require him to attend sanitary sewer meetings. Following a career change to teaching, he worked in Alaskan villages for several years, which led to his memoir Tundra Teacher. Hoops of Steel is based in part on his experiences as a basketball player. Foley was second string on the junior varsity at a Division III school, but prefers to simply say that he “played college ball.”

Reviews and Awards

“It is a rather sensitive coming-of-age drama [that] maintains a nice balance between action and sentiment.” —Booklist
“Teens will likely find this book sobering and thought-provoking.” — School Library Journal

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