June News and Notes

Curious what we’ve been up to this month? Here’s the latest buzz…

Nocturnal Symphony in Kirkus Reviews

Jolly Fish Press
by J. A. Watson | Preorder Now
The latest installment in the Science Squad series was featured by Kirkus Reviews this month. The book focuses on Brubeck Farrell and her Science Squad buddies as they study bats in central Wisconsin. The Kirkus reviewer called it, “Sweet, optimistic, and engaging.” Nocturnal Symphony and a second title in the series, Crab Campaign, both release on September 1.
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First Review for Seeker

by Kim Chance | Preorder Now
The first title in Flux’s fall lineup, Seeker, also received its first review in Kirkus Reviews this month. The book is a sequel to Chance’s debut, Keeper, and the reviewer declared it, “A fun, high-stakes, often surprising thrill ride.” Don’t miss out of the next chapter, where teenagers Lainey, Ty, and Maggie struggle against the Master, an evil force who could destroy the world.
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Praise Continues for Ricochet

by Kathryn Berla | Preorder Now
Ricochet continues to garner awesome reviews ahead of its October 8 release date. Foreword Reviews called the thriller, “A coming-of-age story with a thought-provoking science fiction twist.” When seventeen-year-old Tatiana discovers that she is living four different but parallel lives in the multiverse, she and her other selves must band together to stop a megalomaniac scientist: their father.
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Ollie Oxley is Book of the Day!

Jolly Fish Press
by Lisa Schmid | Order Now
Earlier this month Ollie Oxley and the Ghost was featured as Book of the Day by Foreword Reviews. This “engaging story full of mystery and mischief,” released on June 18. In it, twelve-year-old Ollie Oxley isn’t expecting his first friend in town to be a ghost, but together they team up to save his mom’s theater and take down the school bully. It’s one you surely won’t want to pass up.
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New PrimeTime Title Released

Press Box Books
by Will Grave | Order Now
Last month we launched PrimeTime, a new series that offers an exciting look at today’s greatest athletes. Following the NFL draft, all eyes were on Kyler Murray. This action-packed biography gives readers an inside look at the football player, from his journey to the draft to the skills and abilities that make him a superstar.
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